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Southwest Energy carries a full selection of Nader UL1077 circuit breakers and accessories in stock making us the logical choice for timely, hassle-free delivery. Like you, we are based in Canada and keep a robust inventory on Canadian soil, so unlike many of our competitors, delivery is measured in days, not weeks.

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Southwest Energy Nader 1P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers

1P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers


Southwest Energy Nader 2P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers

2P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers


Southwest Energy Nader 3P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers

3P Standard UL1077 Circuit Breakers


Specifications UL1077 Circuit Breakers

100% factory tested for guaranteed quality and reliability
Both AC and DC ratings are available 1, 2 and 3-pole versions available
High current version, NDM1, up to 125 amps Industry standard trip curves B, C, and D Visual trip indicator, RED – On
shock-proof wire terminations
Numerous accessories available
Standard 35mm DIN rail mounting

The NDB2 series of miniature circuit breakers are UL1077. Recognized for use in circuits where supplementary protection is allowed and required. At only 18mm wide the NDB2 MCB’s can be used in most applications and are an ideal drop-in replacement to existing circuit breakers. The robust design of the NDB2 features a 10kA interrupt capacity which exceeds that o ered by other manufacturers by as much as double the capacity. To insure quality and long-term reliability all NDB2 circuit breakers are tested 3 times at 100% before ever leaving the factory.

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Have questions about components or issues? We want to help. OEM UL1077 circuit breakers and electro-mechanical component supply is a core business at Southwest so customer service is a must. Our sales and technical team are accessible and ready to serve. We ensure the highest standards in service in our category and maintain a broad inventory in order to serve OEMs needs quickly and efficiently.

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