18mm UL489 Circuit Breakers and Branch Circuit Protection

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Nader UL489 Circuit Breaker

Standard 18mm UL489 Circuit Breakers & Circuit Protection.

1,2 & 3 poles available

18mm UL489 Circuit Breaker & Branch Circuit Protection.

UL489 Circuit Breaker Specifications:
Rated working voltage: AC230/400V, DC60V
Rated working current: 1A-63A
Mechanical life: 20,000 operations
Rated impulse withstand voltage: 6kV
Tripping characteristic: B: 4In±20%
C: 8In±20%
D: 12In±20%
10kA Interrupting Capacity
100% factory tested for guaranteed quality and reliability times Industry standard trip curves, B, C, and D
Visual trip indicator for quick troubleshooting
Reliable screw clamp wire terminations
35mm DIN rail mount for easy installation Wire Size: 35mm 2 (2 AWG) Max

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