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For over 50 years the LÜTZE Group has been developing and building electronic and electrical engineering solutions for the automation industry.  With a large number of pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading firms in the industry worldwide.

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Southwest Energy carries a full selection of Lutze Servo and Driveflex VFD cables in stock making us the logical choice for timely, hassle-free delivery. Like you, we are based in Canada and keep a robust inventory on Canadian soil, so unlike many of our competitors, delivery is measured in days, not weeks.

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DriveFlex VFD Cables

  • Superior electrical values
  • UL listed for flexible VFD and Servo cable
  • Safe and efficient power transmission
  • 1000V or 2000V UL rated

DRIVEFLEX® is a family of drive cables designed to meet the unique electrical challenges in VFD and Servo applications. All DRIVEFLEX® cables use a special formulation of cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE), providing excellent electrical characteristic while maintaining the utmost flexibility for a Drive Cable.

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Southwest Energy Lutze Cables

“This ends the time of cut fingers and damaged braid shields by trying to cut the jacket off. This is much easier.”


“Lots of companies have tried to make their VFD cable products cheaper, Lutze has actually made the Drive cable better.”


Southwest Energy Lutze Cables

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